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It is giveaway time!!!!

Prizes Include

Phantom US tour, Ghost US tour, Book of Mormon US tour, We Will Rock You US tour, Wicked US tour (w/ Alison Luff & Jenn Gambetese), and War Horse US tour Playbills. From these 4 winners will get Phantom, Ghost, and a choice from the bottom four playbills.

Then two other winners will get to choose between the US tour pamphlet pack w/ Les Mis US tour playbill or Broadway pamphlet pack w/ Les Mis US tour playbill.

Some Rules

  • Must be following me
  • One reblog per person, and likes do count
  • No giveaway blogs
  • Must reblog/like by September 20th, 2014.

Other stuff

  • I will be using a random generator website
  • Feel free to message me about cast info for any of the playbills
  • And if you just want to do a general playbill/pamphlet trade, I am open to that too.

Good Luck!!!


Michael Shawn Lewis Appreciation

Things you should notice
➻In Think of Me he plays the respectable aristocrat, self consciously calming down after clapping so wildly for Christine.
➻ His open arms when Christine goes to embrace him.
➻Right before All I Ask of You he timidly comforts Christine, but grows more confident in his love for her throughout the song.
➻Look at that cape swirl, ok, I mean.
➻ How right before Twisted Every Way, when he says “You don’t have to, they can’t make you.” he defends Christine against Andre.
➻ In the Final Lair, when the Phantom lets them go, his guard’s still up, protecting Christine from the Phantom. And then when the Phantom backs away, he takes Christine’s hand and puts it to his heart.

tl;dr It’s physically impossible to hate Raoul after seeing Michael Shawn Lewis in action.

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