Anonymous asked: "What is your main blog?"

There’s a link to it in the sidebar.

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Anonymous asked: "Do you really will give this url for someone who want it? Rules?"

Yes, I will! There’s no rules, really, except I suppose that I’d like whoever gets it to actually use it and not save the URL as an inactive blog. I’m keeping it for a little while longer, but if you come off anon, I’ll write your URL down somewhere and let you know when it’s available :)

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Anonymous asked: "Do you happen to have a (close up?) video of Julie Hanson singing Think of Me?"

I only have this bootleg? Think of Me starts at about 6:00 in the second video. 

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caressmybrokenwings asked: "Should I read Gaston Leroux's Phantom or Susan Kay's Phantom? If you read both, which one do you prefer and why?"

Oh, jeez. Well, I guess I prefer the Susan Kay novel, but I honestly do think you should read both.

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Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime / Say the word and I will follow you / Share each day with me, each night, each morning

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raminkarimloser asked: "Hey i love all the throwback phantom stuff im finding on your blog. stuff like the silent film, Claude Rains, and of course quotes from leroux's novel. It all makes me very happy :)"

Thank you!

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Michael Crawford, Patti Cohenour - The Point of No Return

The Point of No Return - Michael Crawford, Patti Cohenour

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